Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Josh Hutcherson In 'Detention'!

Opening Friday April 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!) is Josh Hutcherson's film "Detention."  No doubt they are trying to cash in on the success of "Hunger Games" but you can catch a clip of Peeta (um, we mean Josh) in "Detention."  That's not him in the still shot, by the way, but you already knew that...

And here's a recap: 'Detention' tells the story of the senior class at Grizzly Lake high school. The road to graduation is never an easy one, but it's further complicated for these students by the arrival of a slasher movie killer who has seemingly come to life. The only ones who can stop the killer are a handful of students, but they'll have to cut out of detention if they're to stand a chance at saving the world."

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